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Re: New HFS Patch 12.5 fix a dangerous bug

From: K . G .
Subject: Re: New HFS Patch 12.5 fix a dangerous bug
Date: Fri, 10 Sep 2004 00:01:06 +0200

> > > Does MacOSX provide a defragmenter?  We can tell users that are in a
> > > hurry to use it.
> > 
> > I don't think there is a defragmenter in Os X. I think there is an
> > automatic defragmenter in kernel space, but if I remember well it only
> > reduces internal fragmentation so this won't help.
> What is internal fragmentation?

As far as I remember the operating system curse I took last year, internal
fragmentation is the fact that a file is cut in several part, or also take
more place than its logical size because of padding to the block size, while
external fragmentation is the fact the fs occupation looks like gruyere cheese.
Maybe I made a mistake, but anyway this is what I meant :)

So the kernel space OS X defragmenter reduce the fragment number of a file,
but it does not relocate the data at the begining of the disk...

Anyway it doesn't work on big files so ...

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