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Re: create NTFS partition?

From: Harley D. Eades III
Subject: Re: create NTFS partition?
Date: 14 Sep 2004 10:26:46 -0500
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address@hidden writes:

> is it possible to create an NTFS partition
> (i.e. a partition with type "7") using parted?
> (no need to create the actual ntfs filesystem)
Yes, it is possible.  All you need to do is supply the
filesystem type(ntfs) to mkpart. So, mkpart PART-TYPE ntfs START END.
Here is the help from mkpart.

 mkpart PART-TYPE [FS-TYPE] START END      make a partition

      PART-TYPE is one of: primary, logical, extended
      FS-TYPE is one of: ext3, ext2, fat32, fat16, hfs, jfs, linux-swap, ntfs,
      reiserfs, hp-ufs, sun-ufs, xfs
      START and END are in megabytes.  Negative values count from the end of
      the disk.
      mkpart makes a partition without creating a new file system on the
      partition.  FS-TYPE may be specified to set an appropriate partition


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