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ValiuBm To Your Doorqz

From: Jan Sherwood
Subject: ValiuBm To Your Doorqz
Date: Sat, 18 Sep 2004 09:12:45 +0300

Valiunm Xanpax Parxil Proxzac Zolqoft Celewbrex Viohxx Ciaglis
necia Viaxgra Viacgra ST Amblien Zybzan

No Pers
vcriptgion is Requrired
mcreet Ovfernigght Shipfping To Your Dobor

Stop Ovezrpatying On Youur Mesds

100% Mowney Baack Guarmantee on All Purcvhases

and most of all in horse-sense. Nobody can give 'em that, I guess.
and white, and the groom's three blacks went like the wind.

Jan Sherwood

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