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Parted 1.6.15

From: Andrew Clausen
Subject: Parted 1.6.15
Date: Sun, 19 Sep 2004 12:36:31 +1000
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Hi all,

* libparted/gnu.c (_device_probe_geometry): fixed compile bug with the
  bios_geom initialization, and now initializes hw_geom as well.
* libparted/disk_dos.c (realloc_metadata, read_table): added an ugly hack to
  force metadata to be reallocated according to the new BIOS geometry.
* libparted/disk_dos.c (msdos_alloc_metadata): yet another overlapping case
  I missed: the extended partition's partition table area needs to be
  small enough to leave room for the logical partition (or logical partition
  table) that follows it.
* libparted/linux.c (linux_check): s/int/PedSector/ to be on the safe side.
* libparted/gnu.c (_device_probe_geometry): Variable declaration had
  wrong name.
* libparted/disk_dos.c: replaced magic number 1023 with MAX_CHS_CYLINDER,
  and set this constant to >1021 rather than >=1023.  Some partition tables
  in the wild have 1022 as a "partition-too-big-for-CHS" indicator.


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