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HFS Patch 16 out

From: K . G .
Subject: HFS Patch 16 out
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 2004 20:50:09 +0200


I've released HFS Patch 16 for Parted 1.6.15 :
( patched tbz2 : 
  staticaly linked for ppc : 
http://xilun.nerim.net/Projet/Parted/parted-hfs16-ppc.static )
Use the '-T' option of patch to apply it, otherwise you will uselessly
rebuild the whole autoconf system of Parted.

I've identified the bottleneck that induces poor performance. Because
resolving it means modifying portion of Parted that aren't related to
HFS at all, this version of the HFS Patch doesn't solve the issue at all.
But I've written a quick hack that desactivated the paranoid block devices
cache flush (bottleneck), to be used until Parted provide some official
non paranoid sync :) I think this is still safe(*) for HFS resizing (I've no
idea weither it's safe or not for other FS resizing). The patch that does
that is here :
The static binary version I builded include this patch.
The performance improvement I get on my test system is 29x...

Bugfixes in this version :
- The catalog file was written instead of the attributes files, in case
  the attributes files exists (this is very unlikely to happen)
  (this bug exists only in patch 15, but in that version I also introduced
  a warning about the experimental state of the code in case an attributes
  file exists, so at least people were warned :)
- An error condition is now correctly detected when reading the bad blocks
  list (this can only happen on incorrect filesystem anyway)
- The return value of every memory allocation is now correctly checked (
  I forgot 4 of them...)

Remember that Linux 2.4 is still incompatible with resized volumes that
are also used under Os X.

Guillaume Knispel

(*) Safe means you can't loose data in case of interruption of Parted during
the resize process, like SIGKILL or power failure. (though I DON'T provide any
warranty about that).

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