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solid evidence of strength for this company

From: Mara Mccarty
Subject: solid evidence of strength for this company
Date: Sat, 23 Oct 2004 17:02:42 -0100

Wall Street Oil Report
Soaring Oil Issues For Immediate Profits

All-time record highs for oil are padding oil company profits.
Focus your attention on ERHC - Joint Ownership of Offshore Billion
Barrel Oil Blocks with ExxonMobil, Joint Venture Agreements with
Major NYSE Oil Leaders!

Grab this HOT OIL PLAY with guaranteed Billion Barrel Blocks being
awarded within days.

Environmental Remediation Holding Corp. OTCBB - ERHC

Current Price .40

Target for October 1.25

What is an oil stock worth with guaranteed preferential rights to
billions of barrels of oil in the hottest offshore zone in West
Africa? Oil prices were pushing through $40 just 5 months ago, now
the $50 barrier has been shattered. Read the headlines lately? Oil
prices are expected to continue climbing.

Serious attention has turned to a group of 9 offshore oil blocks in
West Africa where Schlumberger SLB-$69, the world leader in reservoir
imaging services, has validated recoverable reserves at over 14
Billion Barrels. This is worth Hundreds of Billions no matter what
formula is applied. This would explain why ChevronTexaco and ExxonMobil
paid over 120 Million to win operatorship of Block 1.

ERHC has very strong percentages of 6 of the remaining blocks to be
awarded along with ExxonMobil and 2 other NYSE super-majors that have
partnered with ERHC. ERHC has signed a partnership agreement with
Pioneer Natural Resources PXD-$35 in Block 2, and Noble Energy NBL-$60
in Block 4. Estimates amongst the international press covering these
events point to ERHC and their respective partners capturing between
50% and 75% of both Blocks 2 and 4. The awards for these blocks are
expected to be finalized any day. The value of these awards in
conjunction with international press coverage is the sudden impact
needed to set ERHC shares on fire!

Any oil issue with events of this magnitude in today's climate is going
to fly. Read the press for additional confirmation of what is at stake.
ERHC's rights have been exercised by the Company and are guaranteed.
ERHC's partnership agreements with oil super-majors are iron-clad.
Investors must act quickly to accumulate a substantial position just
before earth-shattering news is released that will send shockwaves
through ERHC.

DISCLOSURE: The information and opinions in this featured profile are
based on sources believed to be reliable but no representation is made
to its accuracy or completeness. Past performance is not an indicator
of future results. This report is a paid profile for information purposes
only and should not be used as the basis for any investment decision.
The publisher has been compensated ten thousand dollars for the preparation
of this profile and for continuing coverage of the featured company. The
publisher is not an investment advisor and this profile is not to be
considered investment advice. This information is neither a solicitation
to buy nor an offer to sell securities. Information herein contains future-
looking statements that are subject to significant risks and uncertainties.
There are no shares presently held and no participation will occur in the
trading of shares in any profiled company.

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