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resize FAT32 question~~

From: Edward Shao \(邵治國\)
Subject: resize FAT32 question~~
Date: Thu, 4 Nov 2004 01:29:13 +0800

Dear all:
I had a dual-OS (windows and linux)HD.
HD size is 40G.
The HD layout is
/dev/hda1    (FAT32)         Windows 2000   
/dev/hda2    (EXT3)            /boot                   
/dev/hda3    (EXT3)            /                           
/dev/hda4    (Extended)                                  
/dev/hda5    (swap)
Then I found a bigger HD 60G.
I created the same partition layout on new HD but each partition size is bigger the old partition on 40G HD.
For example,
/dev/hda1    (FAT32)  on 40G HD is 10G    => on 60G HD is 20G
Then I used partimage to backup partitions on old HD and restore them to new HD.
And used parted to resize windows partiton (/dev/hda1), ext2resize to resize linux partition (/dev/hda2,3)
I used linux boot disk to boot to linux and re-install grub bootloader.
To continue I reboot and grub menu was displayed.
I chose linux OS, linux is booted well.
If I chose Windows, grub would jump to grub shell not boot to windows.
If it is possible that parted FAT32 resize damage FAT32 boot sector ??
Could anybody give me some suggestions? :p
Thank you in advance. :D
Best Regards,

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