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Re: ext3 support (was: Re: Problems with parted)

From: Szakacsits Szabolcs
Subject: Re: ext3 support (was: Re: Problems with parted)
Date: Thu, 4 Nov 2004 16:03:19 +0100 (MET)


On Thu, 4 Nov 2004, David Ronis wrote:

>     Szakacsits> Software suspend doesn't work on swap files? You can
>     Szakacsits> create swap inside filesystems, too.
> Unfortnately that's not what not what the softwaresuspend
> documentation says.  Have a look at:

Free software documents are often outdated. Nigel was planning swap file
support in March. I don't know the status, you should ask this on the
software suspend forums or mailing lists. 
>     Szakacsits> It's possible what you want to do but not by
>     Szakacsits> Parted. Ext3 is not supported.
> The parted documentation says ext3 is supported, with the proviso that
> the start of the partition isn't changed.

You're not the only one who was misled but unfortunately nobody has the
time or willing to correct and update the documents, write a FAQ, etc.
>     Szakacsits> You can use resize2fs, it can resize ext3 too, then
>     Szakacsits> recreate the partition entry to be smaller by
>     Szakacsits> fdisk. Take care it will not be smaller than the
>     Szakacsits> shrunken ext3 and of course make backup first.
> That sounds like it should work.  Thanks.

Yes, it must work. That code is written by the ext2/ext3 delelopers but
Parted's one is homebrew and it got out of sync with ext support some
years ago and they keep diverge.


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