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Re: bugreport concerning progsreiserfs

From: B.Hakvoort
Subject: Re: bugreport concerning progsreiserfs
Date: Sun, 07 Nov 2004 20:17:25 +0100

Szaka (and others)

Sorry about the delay, i've been busy :/

Ok, you've got me convinced not to work on libparted. I've done some
background research and the amountity of bugs is indeed overwhelming, i
simply don't have the knowledge to fix this any time soon. And i don't
have the time to get the knowledge.

So i'm going to use the CLI-tools in gparted and try to make the best of

This doesn't mean you'll never see me again. This is still the place to
be for general HD questions ;)

Kind regards,


On Thu, 2004-10-28 at 21:10 +0200, Szakacsits Szabolcs wrote:
> On Thu, 28 Oct 2004, B.Hakvoort wrote:
> > Before adding this kind of programs directly to gparted i like to try to
> > add them to libparted. 
> I wanted to do the same for ntfs over two years ago but because people
> relatively often reported problems using Parted, unlike using other
> partitioners, I thought I wait until it matures.
> Then I realized Parted isn't developed anymore and Andrew doesn't really
> have the time to properly maintain it. There was time, not too long ago,
> when the situation was really catastrophic and MANY people thrashed their
> partition tables by Parted.
> > Much like libparted interfaces to progsreiserfs now, 
> Corrupting data, known for a year, still not fixed? ;-)
>       http://qtparted.sourceforge.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=62
>       http://qtparted.sourceforge.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=175
> Or the ext2/ext3 support that's about totally useless for 2-3 years now?
> I've even seen several FAT problems, nobody investigated, fixed them.
> Thrashing Windows dynamic disks is yet another unsolved problem (not
> directly Parted's problem, it just doesn't provide the needed data for 
> its users to be able to prevent destructions).
> > it maybe possible to let it interface to libntfs.. 
> It's not. You can't use anything from libntfs for Parted. Ntfsresize has
> fsck and resize, mkntfs has the creation, ntfsclone the fsck again and
> efficient copy but they need a lot of very careful modifications for
> librarization.
> I was working on moving them to libntfs for libparted but I stopped
> because basically the invested time is much more than the benefit would be
> and still very doubious, hard to support results due to Parted current
> shortcomings and status.
>       http://mlf.linux.rulez.org/mlf/ezaz/ntfsresize.html#parted
> > If this proves too hard/clumsy/time-consuming/whatever i can always
> > add it to gparted directly.
> After over two years, waiting and working on it, I say it's not worth
> unless you _really_ have a lot of time and energy to spend on it and
> support the outcome on the long term.
> > Think about it, if Graeme succeeds in fixing the ext2/3 code and Yury is
> > able to fix progsreiserfs and i manage to add support for ntfs, We give
> > our good ol' libparted an enormous boost :)
> I doubt. I've seen several great plans on this list without much or any
> work done. 
> And even if you succeed, how long will they work again? Those who don't
> learn from history are doomed to repeat it ;)
> > Isn't that a bright future? ;) (maybe i'm getting a bit over-
> > enthousiastic here :P)
> Sorry to be "negative" but I really think you're over enthousiastic 
> and don't realize how big task you undertook. 
> Several GUI partitioners reached the GParted level or even more in 
> the past: PartitionMorpher, PartGUI, GTKParted, Partition Surprise,
> Kbpartition, QTParted but unfortunately none of them is developed or
> maintained anymore. I don't know why but I suspect one of the reasons 
> is the underestimated complexity and time needed to keep it further
> developed, or even just maintained.
> The only survivals are the commercial distro partitioners, DiskDrake 
> and YAST and they exactly do what I suggested: with minimal invested 
> time they get the best functionality and quality.
> Like many other people, I would also like and wish if you succeeed in 
> the future, instead of seeing another attempt being dead after a year.
>       Szaka

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