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Notification of new Solaris Fdisk Partition ID Identifier

From: Larry Lee
Subject: Notification of new Solaris Fdisk Partition ID Identifier
Date: Tue, 09 Nov 2004 16:24:29 -0800
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For many years both Solaris x86 and Linux have used the same fdisk
partition id of 0x82.  Solaris uses that identifier to allocate disk
space which is then further subdivided by the Solaris VTOC (Volume
Table of Contents) and Linux uses that id as the identifier for its
swap partition.

The new release of Solaris should be out early next year. Solaris
will begin using a partition id of 0xbf.  We will continue to support
the older partition id value of 0x82 for compatibility reasons.

Solaris's fdisk program has been enhanced to allow system administrators
to switch back and forth between the new and old identifier without any
loss of data.

*To summarize*
- The next Solaris release will support two fdisk partition id's 0x82 and 0xbf.
 Either partition id may be used.

- The contents of the Solaris partition (VTOC, UFS, ...) is not affected
 by this change.

- The Solaris install programs will actively migrate the Solaris OS partitions
 to the new ID.

- Solaris will provide a option in Solaris's fdisk program to allow
 a system administrator to switch back and forth between the new and
 old partition identifiers.

*What I am asking*

- Please add this new identifier to any appropriate lists and update
 any software that would be affected by this change.

- Please let me know of anyone else who should receive this announcement
 so that I can contact them as well.

- Please contact me if you have amy questions or require any additional

Thank you

Sun Microsystems
Los Angeles, CA

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