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general partition questions

From: B.Hakvoort
Subject: general partition questions
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 2004 15:12:53 +0100


Atm i'm busy adding support for other filesystems to gparted using
external programs. So going i have a few questions:

- Is there a generic way to determine the amount of used space in a
partition/filesystem? I need to know this to set the min. size while
resizing a partition.

- I want to use 'dd' to copy partitions. Although sloooow, it seems to
be very reliable and if doesn't care about the filesystem, so no
problems there. Has any of you guys some advice to offer on which
parameters i should use? Or maybe why i should NOT use 'dd' ;)
(i've tested it like : dd if=/dev/hda1 of=/dev/hda2  works like a charm)



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