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Dos based Web Crawling/DOS based Web Robot

From: Luke Nichols
Subject: Dos based Web Crawling/DOS based Web Robot
Date: Sun, 21 Nov 2004 06:35:29 -0500


To whom it may concern:

Subject:  DOS Web Crawling/DOS Web Robot

I'm tired.  I'm tired of trying to learn Java and how to use windows
applications, perl, and all the other weird robots.  I'm tired of someone
always asking me to pay for something.  (Though I'm not a cheapskate, I
believe some things should be free.)  
We use all the search engines to find web sites.  They are free.  So should
web crawling and web robots.  Call me old fashioned, but I liked DOS. 
Though you had to learn a lot of DOS commands, it was still fairly simple
to use.
What I am looking for is someone who still knows how to program DOS.  Why? 
To build a DOS based Web Crawler/DOS based Web Robot.  Why?  Cause DOS is
no frills, no bells and whistles.
What do I need the program to do?

I need it to do two simple things:

1.  Crawl the web
2.  Save the results in a .txt file

It's that simple!

If you think you can help me either find a DOS based one that is already
made, or create one, contact me at:

Andrew Luke Nichols

Thank you!

PS-  This is not spam.  It's a request.  If you received this email in
error, I certainly apologize.  aln

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