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CHS / LBA incorrect Partition Table 1.6.19

From: Marco Berger
Subject: CHS / LBA incorrect Partition Table 1.6.19
Date: Fri, 3 Dec 2004 16:02:25 +0100

Hi List


I have COMPAQ notebooks here with no option in the BIOS for changing the LBA/CHS value of the harddisk.


I use the parted  version 1.6.19 on kernel 2.6


Fdisk without partition: H 16, S 63, C 23392


If I create a Fat32 Partition:


Parted –s /dev/hda primary fat32 0 2048


Fdisk report:     H 255, S 63, C 1467


Boot from this Partition Failed (use ntldr from ms-sys (ms-sys -2 /dev/hda1 )) no message on Screen.


PM 8 Report:    length of the partition Table is incorrect CHS 3947202 , LBA 4192902


If I correct this with PM and reboot in Linux then


Fdisk report:     H 240, S 63, C 1559


After this process I only need to resize the partition with PM and the ntldr works. (resize with parted failed “ntldr not found” Maybe that is for the incorrect BPB ).


The same behaviour is on ntfs partitions on that disk.

How can I help to fix that problem????


Ciao Marco

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