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Hiya. meds are half off here

From: Silas Butler
Subject: Hiya. meds are half off here
Date: Thu, 16 Dec 2004 03:51:13 -0800

How has the weather been there so far? Everything is good over here.  
Especially since I was able to get the prescriptions that we need for so cheap. 
So you guys excited about Christmas? We sure are over here. Anyways this is 
what I was wanting to show you. I was able to get all of the drugs that we 
needed 1/2 off from this website and I didn't have to show a prescription. They 
were so professional with me and everything is safe and discreet. I fully 
recommend them and would try them if I were you. We sure did. Can't wait to 
talk to you again!

Silas Butler


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