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Re: Typo in libparted

From: Harley D. Eades III
Subject: Re: Typo in libparted
Date: 18 Dec 2004 00:32:53 -0600
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Andrew Clausen <address@hidden> writes:

> On Tue, Dec 14, 2004 at 11:00:42AM -0600, Harley D. Eades III wrote:
> > > I feel strange, as i understand the original code looks for FAT at
> > > 0x36, and then for SBML at 0x40. The new code looks for FATSBML at
> > > 0x36, which means the SBML will start at 0x39. Maybe SBML is written
> > > two times in the MBR table ?
> >
> > Maybe, is the original author of the patch around?  Or do you know of
> > any documentation covering SBML?
> Oops, I thought they were aligned one after the other!  (My maths
> was so wrong an several levels!)
> I'll fix this now...
Sounds good :)


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