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Re: Questions, additions, and ideas.

From: hde
Subject: Re: Questions, additions, and ideas.
Date: Thu, 30 Dec 2004 13:10:26 -0600
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> Notice that it won't work always, as seems the case on solaris partition
> tables which need to be written for partitions to be created, or something
> such. I have a debian bug report open about that, but i am not sure i fully
> understand the implications of it.

libparted will still remain the exact same.  See I don't see that being a
problem. Because, when users are making the changes they are only modifying the
struct in memory no actual data is being written therefore the only thing we
need to do is check to make sure it is a sun disk in this case and then when the
user is ready and executes the write command we write everything to disk in the
proper order. 

As far as the "undo" command working when the interface loads we load a disk
struct and modify it.  See the partition table on disk has not changed so if the
user feels like they have made some kind of mistake and issues a "undo" then we
dump the current struct and reread from disk.(Because the disk has not be
altered. If I am misunderstanding please correct me.


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