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Rescue'ing partition.

From: Rico
Subject: Rescue'ing partition.
Date: Wed, 5 Jan 2005 07:58:26 -0800 (PST)

Hello Everyone.

I've been bitten.
I believe that it's owing to minor numbers changing upon deleting a partition
that I've been misled into deleting a FAT32 partition that I didn't mean to.

I used a pre-"rescue" feature version of parted: a dino rescue disk from the
days when linux 2.4.5 was very recent, some time in early 2001. I was concerned
that the deletion process back then might be majorly incompatible with the 
'rescue' feature but checking the archives showed rescue came at around that

Now, I managed to figure out that I needed to 'dd' partboot.img and
to floppies, even though I was puzzled for a while about this mysterious
"second disk" that I was being asked for.

For sure the FAT32 partition lay between 20000 and 49999 but if I start at
20000, rescue finds nothing. 35000 as start is more promising but parted says
that it's found a hfs partition. I've never created any such thing, for sure.

Also, the sizes are weird: It finds hfs starting at all of the following
39985.148, 39985.903, 39998.605, 40002.291, 40004.887,......

I would never create partitions that small, would I?
So, I'm not sure what's happening and would appreciate some advice as to how
to recover the FAT partition.

If minor numbers can't help changing upon partition deletion, then the 
best alternative I would think is to have a 'confirm changes' function.
It's rather radical to perform the deletion right away because users like me
who've been away from parted for a while might still get to feel too
and not print the partition table after every operation, oblivious to the fact
that minor numbers are changing.

That was my suggestion. Please, I would appreciate some help with rescuing
my FAT32 partition.


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