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32bits compatibility not working in 64bit kernel?

From: Alex
Subject: 32bits compatibility not working in 64bit kernel?
Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2005 15:11:52 +0100
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Hello Parted People,

We need to get a 32 bits parted version working on a 64 bit 2.6.8 Linux 
machine (Suse 9.1). For some reason the statically compiled version (newest 
version and older versions of parted) and dynamic version fails with the 
error "Error informing kernel about modifications to partition " etc etc. It 
tells me to reboot the machine. With fdisk 32bits I have no problems creating 
the partitions while with parted 64 bits it works fine as well. Don't ask me 
why but we would like to have a 64 bit kernel working with a 32 bits parted 
(has to do with the single installer we use for all our clusters.). 

parted command:

parted -s /dev/sda mkpart extended 0 5000

Any ideas? It appears to me the the partitions are made nevertheless, would it 
be possible to switch off the error or leave the syncing of the disks to a 
different utility?



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