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Re: resizing hfs+ partition

From: dotgl1970
Subject: Re: resizing hfs+ partition
Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2005 12:35:11 -0600
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> > No implemented: The support for check fs hfs+ is not yet implemented
> >
> > How do I implement the hfs+ support??
> It's about the code that should check fs before starting the resize
> operation. I haven't written such code and consider that a cleanly
> unmounted file system has no error. Also, patch16 doesn't have journal
> support, so if your HFS+ is journaled you should try to desactivate the
> journal. Patch17 which has this support is still under developpement and
> experimental.

Thanks for you answer, may be there are no way to rescue my hdd but I will 

> So :
> 0) Save any valuable data of course

Does not matters because there are no valuable data

> 1) Boot Mac OS
> 2) Mac OS <= 9  => launch Disk Fist Aid and scan the FS.
> or Mac OS X     => launch Disk Utils and scan the FS, desactivate the
> Journal if there's one, using the apropriate entry in the menu.

I cant do this because MacOS boots, but does not works anything
is in a weird situation is not working nothing in that OS.

the another problem is that I do not have MacOS cd's to reinstall.

This makes my try impossible?
Or there are hope?

> 3) Shut down the computer properly
> 4) Boot Linux and run Parted, try to resize, if anything is fine
>    this is great :)
> 5) You can reactivate the journal if you want ( Warning : I don't know if
>    Linux HFS+ support is journal aware, but this shouldn't be a problem if
>    you don't boot Linux directly after a crash under OS X (power failure,
>    ...) Launch OS X and shutdown then run Linux in that case )
> Cheers,
> Guillaume

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