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Go Public : 2 Reports

Subject: Go Public : 2 Reports
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2005 09:55:26 -800

You may be aware that we specialize in assisting emerging companies in "Going 
Public". We also assist with Private Placement preparation and public company 

Most people in  the  business community are not aware that any company can go 
public including a startup or development stage company. Please visit our site 
or email us to receive our Go Public  Report and  our   Advantages of Going 
Public Report.

I  would  like to propose a  joint venture with you, if  you or an  associate 
of yours are interested in taking a company public, please let us know. We are 
happy, for you to be very generously compensated for any referrals.

We provide an outstanding service and have a great deal of experience. 
Therefore, you may want to pass this email on to an associate or you can send 
us their information.

Yours Truly,

S. Anthony

P.S. If you prefer not to hear from us any longer, email us with no longer in 
the subject address@hidden

We also have a newsletter available.
8721 Santa Monica Bl Number 359 -- L.A., CA 90069


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