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Disallowed attachment in message

From: US Airways Postmaster
Subject: Disallowed attachment in message
Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2005 18:42:15 -0500 (CDT)

In order to protect our network from viruses, US Airways prohibits 
receipt of certain file attachments via email.  The email message  
described below has been deleted and was not received by the 
intended recipient.  This is not an indication that the attachment 
contained a virus.  It is simply a precaution.

To successfully deliver the message, you should first rename the 
file so that the file extension is changed to ".usa" and then resend 
the file.  Include instructions to the recipient to rename the file 
back to its original file extension.

Email details:

     Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2005 16:41:56 -0800
     Sender: <address@hidden>
     Recipient: <address@hidden>
     Subject: Mail Delivery (failure address@hidden)
     Attachment Name: message.scr
     Attachment Type: Screen Saver

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