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documentation for mklabel in parted(8) is wrong

From: Tony Ernst
Subject: documentation for mklabel in parted(8) is wrong
Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2005 09:54:51 -0600
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The parted(8) man page says this about mklabel:

  label-type should be one of "bsd", "gpt", "loop", "mac", "mips", "msdos",
"pc98" or "sun".

But the internal parted help says:

  LABEL-TYPE is one of: bsd, gpt, mac, dvh, msdos, pc98, sun, loop

The internal parted help is correct.  The man page should say "dvh", not "mips".

This was observed in parted-1.6.15-3.2 (from SuSE SLES9 SP1).  The most current
CVS source is the same.

I am attaching a patch to change "mips" to "dvh" in the parted(8) man page.

Thank you.


Tony Ernst
Linux System Software
Silicon Graphics

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