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Re: Patch for 1.6.21 to make rpmbuild work

From: Frank Schaeckermann
Subject: Re: Patch for 1.6.21 to make rpmbuild work
Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2005 00:15:26 +0100
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Andrew Clausen clausen-at-gnu.org |bug-parted| wrote:
On Fri, Feb 18, 2005 at 10:21:56PM +0100, Frank Schaeckermann wrote:

I wanted to create a rpm package for 1.6.21 but encountered a few problems.

After fiddling with doc/Makefile.in

doc/Makefile.in is automatically generated from doc/Makefile.am.
You should patch doc/Makefile.am instead.

I would have, but there wasn't any way of doing so since Makefile.am didn't contain any of the code that needed to be changed. I presume the problem lies within automake and it's library of code snippets but I don't have any experience with automake... any takers?

to include a check if there is a file 'dir' in the info directory
before executing install-info and fixing the parted.spec and
parted.spec.in to include the parted.info.gz and execution of
install-info as post-install and pre-uninstall, everything worked

What happened without this check?

rpmbuild executes make and make install with a temporary installation prefix directory. Those install target directories are all empty thus the <temporary installation prefix>/usr/share/info directory does not contain the dir file, that you'd find in your /usr/share/info directory and that contains an entry for each info file installed on your machine.

Without the check, rpmbuild has install-info executed even if there isn't any dir file and that just creates a new one and at the end rpmbuild complained about an installed file (dir) that was not packaged. But the dir file can not be packaged since it would overwrite the dir file in the info directory of the target machine when the rpm gets installed.

That's why I included the check in the Makefile - to suppress the execution of install-info if there is no dir file that can be updated - and added the %post and %preun sections in the spec file - to get install-info run after the binaries are installed from the rpm. This way the existing dir file in the info directory gets updated.

The attached patch contains the changes in the three files based on the distributed parted-1.6.21.tar.gz.

diff -r -C 3 parted-1.6.21/doc/Makefile.in parted-1.6.21-new/doc/Makefile.in

Most free software people prefer to read "diff -u" output.
I'll keep that in mind for the next time! Thanks!


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