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sun disk labels

From: Andrew Gaffney
Subject: sun disk labels
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2005 15:18:43 -0600
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I haven't been able to play with the sun disk label support in 1.6.21 since I don't have a spare sparc box to play with, but someone else has, and he's noticed a few problems.

First, he tried using parted to create a disklabel on a ~600GB RAID5. Parted displays the size correctly at startup but creates a disklabel for double that size, complete with a 1.2TB whole disk partition. Fdisk creates this disklabel correctly.

Second, he tried using parted on a 143GB drive. It did something different:

fdisk display from parted-created disklabel:
/dev/sdb3             0        16    126760    5  Whole disk

fdisk display from fdisk-created disklabel:
/dev/sdb3             0     17847 143356027+   5  Whole disk

I've also go dd'd images of the disk labels from both drives for parted and 

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