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RE: hey sis new school works great

From: Hartman
Subject: RE: hey sis new school works great
Date: Wed, 19 Oct 2005 17:08:42 -0100


finally got the masters tell mom and dad! :) i know they will be proud of me now! :)

sis you got to try this program... I doubted it at first too, but gave it a shot ... 2 weeks later got the masters!

call the # i gave you the other night, here it is again if you lost it 1-.2.0.6.-350-7828

they are still offering the B.A. B.S_C M.A M_S.C M.B_A P_H.D

Hurry the counselor said they aren't taking many more students for this offer..

Later tell everyone i said hi

love you,


John was enjoying sleeping near the tree..
That flight attendant is not missing playing below the bridge at this exact moment..
Haven't the journalists liked surfing?.
The guards don't often love reading..
Doesn't Suzanne like skiing among the trees?.
Many bartenders like driving every other day..
THE PARENT arrived back on the scene. She gave me a tape by Dr. Laura Meyers from UCLA. I listened to that tape eight times. I listened over and over and heard the same thing again and again. Ms. Meyers said, 'These kids may need to hear a word many times (perhaps 72 times) before they ever say a word. A computer can be patient and say it the same way every time.' Now I understood. I was not patient enough. I did not allow the student to hear the words over and over. I was interrupting their learning by interjecting, when they were totally engrossed in what they were doing. I was asking questions they were not ready to answer. They were just learning language. They didn't have the answers yet..
Paul's grandson disliked studying for six weeks..
Lawrence had already liked dancing..
Haven't you disliked reading?.
Then I started 'teaching'. You know, I'm a good teacher. (Well, maybe just an average teacher, but you get the jist). I know what good teachers do. Or I thought I did. I sat with the children at the computer. When they pressed the IntelliKeys' keyboard or the Touch Window' and the computer said the word, I repeated the word and then expanded on the word. After they had pressed the same word several times, I said, "That's right, that's a cat, can you find the dog?? Suddenly, I would see the child's back get stiff, and before you knew it, he got up and left the computer. I didn't understand. Just a few seconds ago, he loved it. What happened?.
I am not missing surfing..
Early last month I was still missing sleeping..
Every child communicates in some form whether it be by crying, body language, facial expressions or verbalization. Some children talk early, some late, some with augmentative communication devices, some not at all. As a teacher I wanted to facilitate the child learning language..
Toren came to me at age 32 months. He had 2 words: Ma Ma and Bye Bye. He could not focus, but ran around the room. His mother was convinced I was going to have him cured by his third birthday. I told her I was no miracle worker, but we'd do what we could during the next 4 months. Immediately we started structuring Toren's day. I went home and worked up a program called 'Toren's Nouns'. The first day I showed Toren the program, he looked at it for 10-15 seconds and then left the computer. The next day he stayed about 30 seconds. Each day he built up more time at the computer. By the second week, he would sit on my lap for 10 minutes pressing whichever word he wanted to hear. But he spoke no sounds, no words. Three weeks passed. I began berating myself. 'See, Jo, you thought this noun program was so great. Look at Toren, he's not learning anything.' The fourth week Toren walked over to the computer, picked up the overlay from the IntelliKeys keyboard, pointed to 10 different words and approximated each word. That day, I cried..
That computer programmer isn't enjoying swimming behind the post office right at this time.
The politicians weren't enjoying jogging..
They have regretted jogging since last Monday..
They have regretted jogging since last Monday..
The pilots were enjoying jogging at the company..
I get from most parents is ?Can you teach my child to talk?? This question has haunted me for years..
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