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From Mike

From: Mike Williams
Subject: From Mike
Date: Thu, 20 Oct 2005 01:25:52 +0200

Dear Sir,

I am Major Mike S. wlliams,a senior security officer under charles 
Taylor,former Liberian President.Having got great affection and absolute
appreciation for your human and personality,I wish to contact you for absolute 
help to safeguard and bank this sum of $16.1m(Sixteen Million One
Hundred Thousand Dollars)into your account for me,preferably we can split the 
sum into three bank accounts if your account will not
accommodate all the sum.presently this money is in the security vault in Europe.

I am a senior security officer in charge of arms and ammunition of Charles 
Taylor troops.I and three officers were assigned to purchase arms and
ammunition in france,on getting to Ghana,we heard a news that U.S.A. government 
had given an ultimatum for our president,Charles Taylor to
leave the country for a political asylum with immediate effect.

Perhaps,we saw this as a golden opportunities to divert the funds $48.4 for our 
personal usage,then the funds were shared among us $16.1m

The arrangement of sharing this money is as a result of helping ourselves and 
family since our president has been sent out by U.S government
on political asylum in Nigeria.The future of my family depends on this fund and 
as much as i will be very grateful if you can assist me to bank this

Note:I don't want the leadership of president Charles Taylor to have idea of 
where i am and the fund.When this fund is cleared and banked in
your nominated account,i will meet with you to establish an investment with 
your assistance . i am presently on political assylum in Pretoria South
Africa, and my present status does not allow me to make a trip out of my 
present jurisdiction

For your reward and expected sevices 40% will be for you,while 60% will be for 
my family investment.

For now, you can contact me through this email address.once we establish good 
contact i shall then give to you my telephone number and also
give you information on how to claim the funds.

May happy days & a fair future awaits you as you deserve.

Major Mike S. Williams

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