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Shrinking HFS+ causes fatal out of memory

From: Nick Bower
Subject: Shrinking HFS+ causes fatal out of memory
Date: Thu, 20 Oct 2005 16:28:47 +0800

I have acquired a Mac G5 for installing FC4-PPC with (unfortunately) the
following simplistic FAT:

Minor    Start      End    Filesystem    Name    Flags
1        0.000      0.031                Apple
2        0.031      152627.832 hfs+      Untitled
3        152627.832 152627.835

When doing a resize of minor 2 during the fedora core 4 install,
(retaining the partition start and adjusting the end value to 110000), I
received a fatal out of memory error.

Other warnings along the way were "the partition's data region doesn't
occupy the entire partition" and "attempt to read sectors 16-18 outside
of partition on /dev/sda".

Disappointingly, the fatal error was in the final minute of a 1 and a
half hour shrinkage operation.

I can't get any more info than this right now (like version - although
as it's FC4 it's probably 1.6.22) because it's busy attempting it again
with 130000 instead.

Also as I have reason to believe that partition 1 is something called an
apple bootstrap partition, yet because parted hasn't recognized its
type, I'm loathe to remove 3 by also assuming that it is empty / unused.

Thanks, Nick

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