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di$c0unt meds shipping world wide!

From: Althea Engel
Subject: di$c0unt meds shipping world wide!
Date: Thu, 20 Oct 2005 16:03:47 +0000

One Time DISC0UNT 0RDER for address@hidden, C_1al1s!
/address@hidden DISC0UNT 0RDER
T0DAY Its only $1.00 per dose.

-Generic /address@hidden, 30 x 100m_g
-Regular address@hidden (60 d0ze$)
!!0nly $ 59.99

Ne// Pr0ducts:
-Generic_ address@hidden, 30 x 100_mg
-Soft address@hidden (60 d0z.es) What is S0ft address@hidden
!!0nly $ 79.99
-Generic Cla11s, 30 x 20m.g
address@hidden What is S0ft C1al1s?
!!0nly $ 119.99
Super special offer only for our subscribers! This prices will stay till 10th of August!!!
/address@hidden DISC0UNT 0RDER

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