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Re: Static linked version of parted for HFS+ debugging [was Re: Shrinkin

From: Nick Bower
Subject: Re: Static linked version of parted for HFS+ debugging [was Re: Shrinking HFS+ causes fatal out of memory
Date: Sun, 23 Oct 2005 16:41:53 +0800
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Thanks all. However the task and data was too important to risk a second close call with parted. Although the machine booted after the initial resize, even the apple disk tools could not correct the FAT inconsistencies.

Hence last week I was left with little alternative to reformat and restore from backup. Unfortunately this was a work server and I didn't have the ability to wait a few days or do any try-and-see tweaking.

Thanks for all assistance however - greatly appreciated.

Otavio Salvador wrote:
Hello folks,

To make easy debugging, I built a static version of parted to PowerPC
architecture. So if you had problems with HFS+ you could use that
binary for testing.

You can download it from:


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