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Can we join you?

From: cybil
Subject: Can we join you?
Date: Sun, 30 Oct 2005 16:32:02 +1200
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Want lots of fully paidup-members now?

Would you like us to find members and
close them for you?

Fed up of working so hard and getting
low results or no members at all?

You need us:
We mark.et 24/7x365. Thats what we
do best.

Our mark/eting services generates
over 1000 paid_members for clients
a week.

Want to become a client and get a
lot of paid-up-members now?

How much time&money do you spend
getting just 1 member?

What would you give us to get you 20
a week?

99USD_gets you 20 a week

199USD_gets you more and we close
your sales for you

Send an email to us to get_members
right now to:
with "yesplse" in the subject and your
URL in the mesage. We will send you
full details.

Want to stop? Send an email with
"remme" in the subject please. Thanks.

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