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TKO Notice: ***Important Message About Upcoming Internet Bank of Americ

From: Department Service Bank
Subject: TKO Notice: ***Important Message About Upcoming Internet Bank of America® Account***
Date: Sun, 4 Dec 2005 07:06:21 +0200


Update your account beffore holidays!


Dear Bank Of American Customer,
DATA: December 04, 2005

You are Required To Upgrade your Account before the Holidays to prevent any suspension During Or After The Holidays,Once
this is done You will get a $100 Holiday Giveaway to all members who takes part in this offer.
To Upgrade your Account, Please take the following steps :

1. Login to your Bank Of America Online Account Or if you have not been Registered, Choose your Desired login and enter the all the required information, including your Client Card Number or Business Card Number and your password.

2. Complete the form and you will be notified Via email when your bonus has been Credited into your Account.
If in 36 our you dont get any emails to confirm your Uprgade pls contact our
Bank of America staff imediately.

To get started, please click the link below:





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