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Wall Street Alert address@hidden

From: Alejandra Callahan
Subject: Wall Street Alert address@hidden
Date: Mon, 5 Dec 2005 15:34:32 +0000

*St0ck Alert for Monday December 5*
Alert is On!
Techedge, Inc.(OTC.BB: TEDG)

Current Price: .61
UP .13 in the last 3 days and is still climbing.

Huge PR Campaign Underway this Weekend. Is it "Poised to Fly?"

Reasons To Consider TEDG: (Source: Recent Press Releases)

1)Techedge Signs Contract and Receives Initial Purchase Order for IP-PCS 
Solution from Alosat Communications

2)Techedge Subsidiary Announces Tentative Agreement to Acquire Online Sales and 
Promotion Business in China -
announced its wholly-owned subsidiary China Quantum Communications Ltd. (CQCL) 
has reached a tentative asset
purchase agreement with Nettv Media (Asia Pacific) Limited (Nettv), for Nettv's 
MobiChannel unit, an online
sales and event promotion company for online entertainment business in China. 
Terms and conditions of the
proposed acquisition were not disclosed.

3)Techedge Implemented VoIP solution for China Ocean Shipping Corporation 
America -
Announced it has implemented a VoIP solution for China Ocean Shipping 
Corporation America, Inc.
(COSCO America). This solution will enable COSCO America to achieve cost 
reduction, capacity increase,
and improvement in account management for its communications services. 
Techedge's wholly owned subsidiary
China Quantum Communications Inc. (CQCI) will provide local and long distance 
calling for COSCO America based
on the implemented VoIP solution. 

Please Watch This One Trade and, as Always, Be On the Lookout for More News 
that May Impact The Stock Moving Forward..

Certain statements in this news release may contain 4rward-lo0king
information within the meaning of Rule 175 under the Securities Act of 1933 and 
Rule 3b-6 under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, and are subject to the 
safe harbor created
by those rules. All statements other than statements of fact, included in this
release, are 4rward looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties. As 
with many micro_cap st0cks,
today's company has disclosable items you need to consider to be able to make 
an informed and intelligent
decision regarding the st0ck. These factors include,but are not limited to: a 
large accumulated deficit,
a negative net worth, a going concern opinion from its auditor,nominal revenues 
in its most recent quarter,
a nominal ca-sh position,a reliance on loans from officers to pay expenses,and 
there are some related party
transactions.The tentative agreement mentioned above may not become a 
definitive agreement and may not occur.
The company is going to need financing.If that financing does not occur, the 
company may not be able to continue
as a going concern in which case you could lose your entire investment. Other 
factors are disclosed in their filings.
Read them now, right now, before you invest. The publisher of this newsletter 
does not represent that the information
contained in this message states all material facts or does not omit a material 
fact necessary to make the statements
therein not misleading. All information provided within this email pertaining 
to investing, stocks, securities must be
understood as information provided and not investment advice. The publisher of 
this newsletter advises all readers and
subscribers to seek advice from a registered professional securities 
representative before deciding to trade in stocks
featured within this email. None of the material within this report shall be 
construed as any kind of investment advice
or solicitation. Many of these companies are on the verge of bankruptcy. You 
can lose all your money by investing in this stock.
The publisher of this newsletter is not a registered in-vestment advis0r. 
Subscribers should not view information herein as legal,
tax, accounting or in-vestment advice. In compliance with the Securities Act of 
nineteen thirty three, Section 17(b),
The publisher of this newsletter is contracted to receive ten thousand d011ars 
from a third party, not an officer,
director or affiliate shareholder for the circulation of this report. Be aware 
of an inherent conflict of interest
resulting from such compensation due to the fact that this is a paid 
advertizement and is not without bias.
All factual information in this report was gathered from public sources, 
including but not limited to Company
filings and Company Press Releases. The publisher of this newsletter believes 
this information to be reliable but
can make no guarantee as to its accuracy or completeness. Use of the material 
within this email constitutes your
acceptance of these terms.

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