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Re: necropolis ravin

From: Sora Mccaffery
Subject: Re: necropolis ravin
Date: Wed, 14 Dec 2005 23:19:16 -0500

vitra (30)
mbien  (30)
ALlS  (30)
ma    (30)
nax   (30)
AGRA  (30)
LlUM  (30)
 - $166
 - $120
 - $170
 - $76
 - $124
 - $135
 - $86
man fell in the road. And as he did so, the intermittent silence of the night was ripped open by the sound of a powerful, racing engine, the vehicle in question speeding up the outside road, its flashing red and blue lights signifying the police. The police! The alarm must have been wired into the Manassas headquarters, a fact that had never occurred to Bourne; he had assumed that such a measure was impossible where Medusa was concerned. It wasnt logical; the security was internal; no external force could be permitted for Snake Lady. There was too much to learn, too much that had to be kept secret-a cemetery! The killer writhed in the road, rolling over and over toward the bordering pine trees. There was something clutched in his hand. Jason approached him as two police officers got out of the patrol car beyond the gate. He lashed his foot out, kicking the mans body, releasing

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