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gparted liveCD 0.2.2

From: Michael Palmer
Subject: gparted liveCD 0.2.2
Date: Wed, 1 Mar 2006 16:11:58 -0800

gparted liveCD 0.2.2

I tried to reconfigure my hard drive partition with this software and it seems to crash during operation.
I burned a cd of the .iso file.
The CD starts up and after entering the information for the language and keyboard, and screen information the program begins to search.  A box at the bottom is going back and forth and the text indicates that it is "scanning all devices".  After a few seconds the screen disappears and there is just a background screen.  Right clicking the mouse will bring up a menu which allows me to reboot, or go to an aterm window.  I have tried various settings for the screen dimensions and the depth, all with the same result.  After that I tried control-alt-delete and found the following text : 
Could not init font path element /usr/x11R6/LIB/x11/fonts/100dpi, removing from list
Warning: failed to open file (/usr/x11R6/share/fluxbox/nls/en_US_fluxbox.cat) for translation, using default messages
Warning: unable to open /dev/hdc read-write (read-only file system)
A bug has been detected in GNUParted refer to website for more information.  Email bug report to address@hidden containing  version ( and message:The sector size on /dev/hdc is 2048 bytes.  Parted is known not to work properly with drives other than 512 bytes.
Error: Unable to open /dev/hdc -unrecognized disk label
MTRRIOC_DEL_ENTRY failed 0x0000000 0x00000 1 (errno 22)
Please note the text is not an exact copy but as close as I could get from writing it down and then retyping.  Sometimes I cant read my own writing.
The computer is a Dell from about 2001.  It has a 60GB hardrive which is all one drive (c:\) running Windows2000, and I am attempting to split it into two drives so that I can install Linux.
Any advice would be helpful......Thanks.

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