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From: From Malinga.
Subject: Hello.
Date: Fri, 3 Mar 2006 14:23:08 +0100


I know you will be surprised to receive this letter.

First I must Introduce myself; I am Mr.Tutu J.Malinga, of the Republic of 
Liberia (West African Republic) and the Chief Security Adviser to Charles 
Taylor, former President of the Republic of Liberia, who was forced to resign 
on August 11,2003 by the United states Of America and other African States for 
the sake of peace after fourteen years of ravaging civil war in Liberia. 
Charles Taylor is currently on exile.

I got your address through the South African Information Exchange 
(S.A.I.E.).For fourteen years today there has always been growing opposition 
and rebellion against Charles Taylor.

Earlier last year the advancement of the rebels toward the capital Monrovia has 
been unstoppable because of the support the rebels receive from countries, 
which are against Taylor and his policies. Due to this war, on the 23rd 
February 2003, was mandated by the president to proceed to South Africa, to 
purchase ammunition from the Arms Manufacturing Company In South Africa 
(ARMSCO) to fight the rebels. This mandate and instruction was backed up with 
US$42. Million (Forty Two Million United States Dollars) in cash, and was 
delivered by diplomatic immunity into South Africa. I have already purchased 
the first batch of ammunition at the sum of US$30 Million (Thirty Million 
United States Dollars), which was delivered in June, and was negotiating for 
the purchase of the second batch when the president was forced to go on exile.

I saw this as a golden opportunity to divert this money. I have already 
deposited this balance of US$12 Million (Twelve Million United States Dollars) 
with a security Company, without declaring the actual content of the 
consignment. I am presently residing here as a refugee. The financial laws of 
South Africa do not allow a refugee to operate an account. In view of this, 
coupled with the way the money was acquired, I have decided not to invest this 
fund in South Africa, and solicit for the assistance of a reliable and 
trustworthy international business man who can assist me to recieve this 
fund,in overseas for investment.

For your efforts, I am prepared to offer you 25% of the total sum while if you 
will assist me recieve this money into your overseas account. I have also set 
aside 5% of the total money for expenses that might be incurred during the 
process of this recieve, and 70% will be for my investment in a profitable 
venture in your country or anywhere else you may advice.

>From the above, you will understand that my entire life and future depends on 
>this amount, as such I shall be very grateful if you can assist me. Please 
>note that this transaction is risk-free,as I have all the documents from

The security Company,the major thing I demand from you is absolute assurance 
that the money will be safe when transferred into your account.

If you can be of assistance, kindly contact me Also send me your private fax 
and phone numbers for easier communication and confidentiality of this 
transaction. Yours Sincerely,
Mr.Tutu J.Malinga,

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