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FWD: You might not be aware of this

From: Hiram Mosley
Subject: FWD: You might not be aware of this
Date: Sat, 04 Mar 2006 13:22:07 -0000

DKDY Continues its climb another Day, Still Expecting Huge News Release This 

Three Day Trading Stats

The Comp:  Dark Dynamite Inc.
Se ctor:  Consumer Goods
S ymb0l:  D K D Y
Last Wed Low: $1.01
C lose:  $1.22
VOL INC R:  Over 800%

Another day of climbing for DKDYin the market today. Investors are thrilled as 
continue to watch their investment grow. this recent growth is due to recent 
announcements of agreements with travel agencies specializing China travel to 
E-Pang Palace Packages. Expectations of price and volumes jumps are now 
inline with activity that this stock has already shown us over the last 2 

For those of you who have already jumped on board congrat’s and hold on as we 
still awaiting the big news release this week that will push this stock even 
For those of you who are still waiting, wait no further, time is running out to 
ahead of the next climb, don’t kick yourself, pick up DKDY first thing in the 

Wed Headl ines:

Travel Agencies Launch E-Pang Palace Package, Bookings are being filled 
for 3rd Quarter '06

Recent news Release informed investors that agreements were made with 25 
Travel agencies, specializing in travel packages for China, would now be 
promoting the E-Pang Palace Theme Park with there existing packages.

This agreement is now in effect and bookings are being made for Sept '06 
travel season. Full details are expected in an official news release next 


Jump on DKDY on Tuesday before the New Release Hits and take advantage of the 

Have A Great Weekend And G00D TRAD1NG Next Week.

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