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Rescueing NTFS partitions

From: Rico
Subject: Rescueing NTFS partitions
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2006 02:37:47 -0800 (PST)

Hello Everyone,

A summary of info that might be relevant:

1) I used partEd from Fedora Core 4 DVD in 'linux rescue' mode to delete an 
   ext3 partition.. I got the msg that I had run into a partEd bug
2) I figured that the partition wasn't all that important after all, so I
   carried on still to makepartfs a fat32 partition over the space of the
   deleted ext3
3) I noticed that the end of the fat32 coincided with another partition, this
   one quite important, and had a feeling something was wrong..
4) After rebooting, Windows only saw the fat32 part as unallocated space; I
   went ahead to format it. Nothing seemed wrong since all my other partitions 
   were there
5) After formatting as fat32 I was able to copy tomsrtbt to the fat32 to share
   with linux and easily dd to floppy.. didn't get around to that coz..
6) Some time later, after some reboots, my fat32 part and the 2 immediately
   following NTFS partitions were nowhere to be found, and Disk Management,
   as well as partEd were detecting humungous partitions way beyond the end
   of the disk

I had kept find_drive_table and printpar from Hakon Lovdal around and
managed to go through the process to relocate the partitions that
I had lost.. relocated by Start and End cylinders.

2 NTFS partitions and a 4GB FAT32 partition. When I added back those 
partitions using fdisk I did the most sensible thing to set the id to what 
fdisk was telling me my already existing NTFS partitions were,
i.e HPFS/NTFS (0x7) and W95 FAT32 (0xb) ... However, after writing the 
partition table neither partEd would display the type (ntfs and fat32) of the 
restored partitions nor would Windows 2000 and XP be able to read them. I am 
prompted that I need to format them instead; no sizes displayed in Windows 
Explorer, though Disk Management now displays sizes that give me reason to be 

I'm thinking that I didn't do everything that it takes to add back the entries
in the partition table, beyond the start and end cylinders and the 'system id'.
I am hoping maybe you could help me out regarding what I might have missed?
Do I need to actually do a makepartfs? I don't think we can create NTFS 
partitions with partEd this way, right?

The help would be really appreciated. Thanks.


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