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Needs some advice

From: Bob Lee
Subject: Needs some advice
Date: Wed, 10 May 2006 12:28:26 -0700

I have an external RAID5 Array with 4x300Gb drives in it. It is mounted
under RedHat ES as /dev/sdb with no partitions created on the drive. We
recently installed 3 new 300 Gb drives and reconstructed the RAID,
parted sees the drive accurately as a 1.7 Tb drive, but the OS still
sees the drive as it's original size (about 850Gb). Now, here's my

What I am wondering is whether either of these two processes would get
the drive to be recognized by the OS correctly. I thought that *maybe* I
could just open up parted and force a 'write'. Another approach would be
to use the 'markpart' function of parted and specify the entire drive in
a single partition. Are either of these ideas better than the other or
is there another way to get this situation remedied. I really don't want
to loose the data on the drive and restoring this amount of data from
our backups is a long process. Avoiding a filesystem check would also be
good unless I knew for certain that it is unavoidable. The drive is
formatted ext2. I really appreciate any help or direction you can offer.

Bob Lee

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