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GNU Parted 1.7.0

From: leslie . polzer
Subject: GNU Parted 1.7.0
Date: Wed, 17 May 2006 15:08:54 +0200
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The GNU Parted team is pleased to announce version 1.7.0, a major

GNU Parted is a package for creating, destroying, resizing,
checking, and copying partitions and the file systems on them. This is
useful for creating space for new operating systems, reorganizing disk
usage, copying data between hard disks, and disk imaging. It contains a
library, libparted, and a command-line frontend, parted, which also
serves as a sample implementation and script backend.

Gzipped and bzipped tarballs are available from


and its mirror sites.

SHA1 sums:

  972f291d1478daba4cbe8912e6ed235a17893ffe  parted-1.7.0.tar.gz
  5295f992fc3001e2a47f280ee8afc164ff19d396  parted-1.7.0.tar.bz2

  The web site of GNU Parted with links to the user's and programmer's
manual is at


* support for Apple GUIDs to GPT code
* BeOS/ZETA/Haiku support
* probe /dev/hd? before /dev/sd?
* prefer /sys/block to /proc/partitions where possible
* fix of ext2 "strange layout" bug (EXPERIMENTAL)
* Linux: detection of sector sizes not equal to 512
* GPT handles sector sizes not equal to 512 correctly now (EXPERIMENTAL)
* ext2 handles sector sizes not equal to 512 correctly now
* added ped_device_get_constraint to support device-dependent
* constraints
* API documentation moved to Doxygen

* new formatter for "print" command
* removed copyright preamble and introduced "version" command
* SIGSEGV handler
* fixed "rescue" command core dump
* 'mkpart' and 'mkpartfs' align partitions to physical block size
* boundaries
* 'mkpart' and 'mkpartfs' let the user set a partition name where
* supported now
* 'print' accepts 'free' argument to display free space information
* 'print' accepts 'all' argument to display information about all
  detected devices
* position and size of partitions are displayed with up to two
  digits after the decimal dot (depending on the unit and value)

* cut down substantially.  Lots of general content will be moved to the
* GNU Storage Guide.

  Leslie P. Polzer <address@hidden>
  GNU Parted Maintainer

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