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Re: [parted-devel] [parted 1.8.8] msdos label and file system corruption

From: H. Peter Anvin
Subject: Re: [parted-devel] [parted 1.8.8] msdos label and file system corruption issues with > 2TB disk
Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2007 10:01:47 -0800
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Michael Reed wrote:

What are the various protocols in use for booting from GPT partitions
on BIOS systems?  Trying to standardize on one could be a "good thing".

So far, the only supported protocol is to have the bootable partition(s) present inth the MBR. Data-only partitions can be present in the GPT only.

This works with Windows as well as existing Linux bootloaders, but does not support booting from > 2 TB, obviously.

My thoughts immediately come to this as one possibility.  Use the GPT PMBR
to define a bootable paritition and reserve the rest of the disk.  I know
that isn't the spec, but for linux one could use the "gpt" kernel command
line option to override the test for a valid PMBR.  This non-standard usage
of the PMBR is likely only an issue on EFI based systems, and those wouldn't
require the hack....

This is what Windows requires, with the slight exception that I think it wants the partition present in *both* the MBR and GPT. Could be wrong.


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