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Re: Wrong disk size when partitioning

From: Raj Mathur
Subject: Re: Wrong disk size when partitioning
Date: Wed, 3 Dec 2008 00:14:20 +0530
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On Tuesday 02 Dec 2008, Joel Granados wrote:
> Hi Raj:
> What does `parted DEVCE print free` spit out?

Well, I rebooted into an Ubuntu live CD, which allowed me to view the 
entire disk and make 15 partitions in a GPT partition table on it.  
It's working fine.  However, see under...

> I'm wondering if it would help to just erase the partition table `dd
> if=/dev/zero of=DEVICE bs=1024 count=20` and then create a new one
> from scratch.

Oh damn, I thought the partition table was only the first 1024 bytes, 
and had zeroed that out.  That hadn't helped.

In any case, there's still a potential problem with the other disks.  
Though they are working fine (15 partitions in a GPT each), no program 
that I've tried is able to show the table (/dev/sdc is one of the other 
5 identical disks.  All of them show the same result):

parted /dev/sdc print
Error: Unable to open /dev/sdc - unrecognised disk label.

While on the new disk (partitioned through parted on Ubuntu live):

parted /dev/sde print
Disk /dev/sde: 750GB
Sector size (logical/physical): 512B/512B
Partition Table: gpt
Number  Start   End     Size    File system  Name     Flags
 1      17.4kB  50.0GB  50.0GB               primary  raid
 2      50.0GB  100GB   50.0GB               primary  raid
 3      100GB   150GB   50.0GB               primary  raid
 4      150GB   200GB   50.0GB               primary  raid
 5      200GB   250GB   50.0GB               primary  raid
 6      250GB   300GB   50.0GB               primary  raid
 7      300GB   350GB   50.0GB               primary  raid
 8      350GB   400GB   50.0GB               primary  raid
 9      400GB   450GB   50.0GB               primary  raid
10      450GB   500GB   50.0GB               primary  raid
11      500GB   550GB   50.0GB               primary  raid
12      550GB   600GB   50.0GB               primary  raid
13      600GB   650GB   50.0GB               primary  raid
14      650GB   700GB   50.0GB               primary  raid
15      700GB   750GB   50.2GB               primary  raid

This is on Debian Etch running kernel 2.6.18-5-686.  While it's not 
currently impacting the system in any way, it's still a bit worrying to 
think that I might not be able to view or change the partitions on the 
other disks at a later stage in the running kernel.


-- Raju
Raj Mathur                address@hidden      http://kandalaya.org/
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