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Re: parted-1.9.0 -- comments and patches

From: Curtis Gedak
Subject: Re: parted-1.9.0 -- comments and patches
Date: Mon, 03 Aug 2009 12:52:20 -0600
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Joel Granados wrote:
On Fri, Jul 31, 2009 at 02:20:44PM -0600, Curtis Gedak wrote:
I too am experiencing a similar problem with failed tests when I run "make check" on parted-1.9.0.
I just checked in my environment and this seems to work for me.  The
test passes even though I do a ./configure --without-readline.  Please
note that I am in next branch, not in master.  If you have not done your
tests in the next branch, I strongly suggest you repeat and post your

Hi Joel,

Thank you for your response and all of your work to improve parted. As a maintainer of GParted, I appreciate your efforts to make parted even better. :-)

My tests were indeed on the released tarball of parted-1.9.0 and not on the git repository 'next' branch as you indicated above.

Currently my system is not configured with the required prerequisites for building parted from the git repository. At the moment I do not plan to install the prerequisites because I am about to create another release of GParted that works with parted-1.9.0's new linux-swap names.

Also from reading the follow up posts, I see that Peter Breitenlohner has already performed tests on the 'next' git branch so I do not plan to repeat the tests at this time.


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