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Grow 12Gb FAT32 partition to 40Gb, and operation seems to succeed but re

From: John Kruiniger
Subject: Grow 12Gb FAT32 partition to 40Gb, and operation seems to succeed but resultant partition has error and fails windows scandisk
Date: Fri, 21 Aug 2009 09:43:52 +1200

> From reviewing all of your testing John, it appears that the source of the
problem with the FAT32 file system originates with the resize operation.
problem occurs when using either GParted or Parted.  Since GParted uses the
library libparted from the parted project, the common ground where the
likely exists is in the parted code base.

The next step is to report this problem to the parted team mailing list at

I believe the relevant details are:
 1)  Growing a 12 GB FAT32 partition with 4096 byte clusters to 40 GB
 2)  Using a computer with only 256 MB of RAM
     (and no swap since a live CD was used)
     --- We suspect that the operation runs out of RAM at some point but
         does not appear to report an error.
 3)  The resultant file system fails a Windows scandisk and dosfsck.
 4)  Problem exists with parted version 1.9.0 (and earlier)

Would you be able to report this bug to the parted team?

It might be useful to include a link back to this bug report:



John Kruiniger
New Zealand

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