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Re: legacy ticket: bad blocks.

From: Curtis Gedak
Subject: Re: legacy ticket: bad blocks.
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 2010 11:55:28 -0600
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Jim Meyering wrote:
rod wrote:
What's the thinking behind phasing out filesystem-dependent operations?
 Perhaps the functionality is being moved to individual libraries supported
elsewhere?  Will the ability to move and resize file systems be phased out
of libparted as well as out of  parted? (I guessed this might also be the
forum for libparted, but may be wrong.)

It's been discussed at length on this list and/or on parted-devel.
Here's an example, with explanation that updates README:


I use gparted for resizing partitions; that calls libparted directly, and
makes some use of other tools.

If you stick to using gparted, I am confident that
you will see no change in available functionality.

Hi Rod,

Jim is correct. The GParted project will endeavour to maintain both partition editing and file system resizing support. Hence you should not see a loss in available functionality in GParted.

Jim has offered to keep the FAT16/32 and HFS/+ file system resizing code available in the libparted library until there is another free open source software tool that is willing to take over this code. Hence projects like GParted, which use the libparted library, will still have access to this code. Of course the file system resizing code may require some patches to keep it up to date so please do feel free to examine this library and contribute to the Parted project.

As Jim mentioned, this topic has been discussed previously in the parted mailing list. One such thread can be found at the following link:

Curtis Gedak
(Maintainer of GParted)

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