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ver. 2.2 probe_partition_for_geom() failed

From: Sergei Vorobyov
Subject: ver. 2.2 probe_partition_for_geom() failed
Date: Sat, 2 Oct 2010 17:58:41 +0100


trying to install several versions of Linux on an SSD (Verbatim 64GB
ExpressCard) I systematically fail somewhere in the partitioning
Ubuntu and OpenSUSE (latest versions) do not report any details, just
hanging (reading all disks, this can take a while), but Mandriva ended
up with:

A bug has been detected in GNU Parted.
Email to (your address) containing
version 2.2
assertion (head_size<=63) at dos.c:659
in function probe_partition_for_geom() failed.

It appears the the GNU docs for parted doesn't even mention SSDs, and
the bug-parted does not have a searchable index.

Maybe this issue has been already resolved.

Thanks for any pointers/suggestions,

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