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Re: [parted-devel] [Parted-maintainers] Debian Bug #578097: No support f

From: Stephen Powell
Subject: Re: [parted-devel] [Parted-maintainers] Debian Bug #578097: No support for CMS-formatted disks
Date: Sat, 11 Dec 2010 16:09:36 -0500 (EST)

On Thu, 25 Nov 2010 10:49:06 -0500 (EST), Jim Meyering wrote:
> Thanks for the fix.
> Until today I had not compiled your changes on an s390x.
> When I did, there were 3 other minor problems, addressed
> by the patch below, just after the one you suggested.
> That got past "make check" as a non-privileged user.
> However, running "make check" as root exercises several
> other cases that cannot be tested as a regular user, and
> at least two of those are failing.  Those failures
> are not due to your changes, so as soon as I have
> a test or two to exercise your changes I'll feel
> comfortable pushing the result.  I expect to use
> the same mechanism as used in a few other tests
> whereby you specify a device and its size like this:
>     sudo make check DEVICE_TO_ERASE=/dev/sdd DEVICE_TO_ERASE_SIZE=999MB
> But it won't be this weekend, so maybe next week...

How is your testing going?  It's unclear to me from what
you wrote.  Are you asking me to provide a test case?

  .''`.     Stephen Powell    
 : :'  :
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