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Re: [PATCH] Default to 1MiB alignment when possible (#618255)

From: Håkon Løvdal
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Default to 1MiB alignment when possible (#618255)
Date: Mon, 13 Dec 2010 14:51:08 +0100

On 10 December 2010 20:26, Brian C. Lane <address@hidden> wrote:
> +#define DEFAULT_ALIGNMENT       1048576

Could we instead have this as

#define DEFAULT_ALIGNMENT       (1024 * 1024)

because to me 1048576 appears to be a magic number
and while I understand that this number is highly unlikely
to be anything other than 1MB, it is not obvious by just
reading the code and I would have to check with a
calculator to be 100% sure, whereas "1024 * 1024"
is obvious and without possibilities of misunderstanding.

BR Håkon Løvdal

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