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man page out of date

From: carl hansen
Subject: man page out of date
Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2011 19:22:21 -0700

man page out of date:

       GNU Parted - a partition manipulation program

       ext3 filesystem functionality does not currently work.   To
manage  ext3  type  filesystems  use  tools  like
       resize2fs(8)  or  mke2fs(8).   Note  that the currently
supported ext2 filesystem will be deprecated once ext3
       support is finalized.  Further note that ext3 support will have
 limited  functionality  that  is  yet  to  be
       defined.  Use tools like resize2fs(8) and mke2fs(8) to manage
these types of filesystems.

       To manually resize an ext3 filesystem and/or a partition use
resize2fs(8), fdisk(8) or similar tools. "

           2007 March 29

Is that true anymore?

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