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libparted-fs-resize: HFS/FAT file system resizing library

From: Jim Meyering
Subject: libparted-fs-resize: HFS/FAT file system resizing library
Date: Fri, 3 Feb 2012 22:46:49 +0100

>From NEWS:

   parted provides a new library, libparted-fs-resize, for resizing
   HFS+ and FAT file systems.  This is the subset of the FS-manipulation
   functionality removed in parted-3.0 for which we have found no free
   alternative.  That library provides only these entry points:
   so when using it you must also link with libparted.

Feedback welcome, the sooner the better.

On testing, there is a single new test that resizes a FAT
and an HFS partition, then checks each with fsck.vfat and fsck.hfs
respectively.  Unfortunately, as noted in comments, fsck.hfs
segfaults, at least with the version in Fedora 16.  See the comments
in tests/t3000-resize-fs.sh for where to get a working program.

[PATCH 01/10] maint: remove now-unused fat-related functions
[PATCH 02/10] lib-fs-resize: re-add HFS and FAT file-system-related
[PATCH 03/10] update copyrights in r/
[PATCH 04/10] lib-fs-resize: add wrappers for
[PATCH 05/10] lib-fs-resize: rewrite ped_file_system_clobber
[PATCH 06/10] maint: remove r/hfs/DOC,HISTORY,TODO; add VERSION for
[PATCH 07/10] lib-fs-resize: use linker script to expose only
[PATCH 08/10] tests: add FS-resize test driver
[PATCH 09/10] tests: test FAT and HFS file system resizing
[PATCH 10/10] doc: mention HFS+/FAT file system resizing in NEWS

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