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Re: parted 2.1 crash with (encrypted) Apple Core Storage partition

From: Chris Murphy
Subject: Re: parted 2.1 crash with (encrypted) Apple Core Storage partition
Date: Wed, 8 Feb 2012 13:36:02 -0700

Since I'm unable to get past the crash to install CentOS, I don't have a way to 
install debug symbols, since I'm booted off install media.

Perhaps an easier way to test this is if I could dd the first XX MB of the 
suspected (encrypted) partition, to an image file (as a backup which I could 
also supply you with). And then dd zero that same number of sectors of that 
partition. Then maybe the fs-probe won't get tripped up? 

This won't necessarily tell us if the problem is due to an encrypted logical 
volume within that partition, or the unexpected core storage structures which 
are unencrypted (not dissimilar to the LVM2 metadata written on an LVM 
containing partition). To further test, I'd need to decrypt that partition and 
see if the problem remains. A lot of work for something that isn't a problem 
with at least parted 3.0 - mostly it sounds like RHEL 6 just needs to move to a 
newer version of parted, I'm not sure which one though.

If the dd routine makes sense, how big of a structure is the fs-probe looking 
for that I need to remove? I'm assuming the probing is at the beginning of the 
partition, but I'm not sure how much data it's looking for.

Chris Murphy

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